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What is Azam?   Why is it award winning software?

Azam is your one stop communication tool and the only PC software in the world that has all the features listed below in one product:

  • The audio recording onto a PC of phone calls, meetings, diaries and voice emails. The actual voices!
  • The ability to make these recordings come to life on playback using animated gifs or digital pictures.
  • Special effects: voice morphing.
  • The ability to store, manage, index and email (in whole or in part) the above audio recordings.
  • The ability to pre-plan meeting agendas and create index tracks for easy identification on playback.
  • The function to convert audio recordings from and to OGG, WAV, WMA, MP3 files.
  • The ability to play converted Azam PC recordings on most CD players.
  • An amazing 90% compression to save on disc space and internet transmission size. A one hour voice recording or meeting can be emailed, fully indexed, in less than a minute.
  • Text to speech.
  • Experimental text language translation technology.
  • The ability to allow Azam to 'speak' the translated document in a foreign language, for subsequent emailing.
  • Compressed video email and video clip management.

All this amazing functionality for only £12! (approx $19 USD)

(This is a limited time offer to celebrate the launch of Azam Version 4 soon)

Azam front page Take an amazing Azam tour!

Labelled with ICRA

Time limited offer: only £12.00!

Important announcement: Until Azam Version 4 is launched soon, we have disabled Azam Version 3 downloads, as it will be very unfair to let you buy the older version of Azam now, at a higher price. Put a special diary note and tell all your friends and co-workers!

Who are Azam International Technologies?

Azam IT is a cross between a charity and commercial organization. It is based in the UK but has customers worldwide. All sales of its flagship product go to provide free software and in research into ways Azam can improve the lives of people with disabilities. Andronicos, the inventor of Azam, heads the Azam Disabilities Initiative (ADI).

Watch Andronicos introduce Azam. 2 mins 256k

Don't just say it, Azam it!

The powerful voice recording, video emailing, language translation and management solution for improving communication, avoiding misunderstandings and enhancing productivity.

Ideal for home, medical and business use. Try it today and you will be Amazed!

Under the Azam Disabilities Initiative (ADI), the management and staff of Azam International Technologies give their services free of charge. Revenue from Azam commercial software sales is used to provide infrastructure costs, research, and to supply Azam without charge to many persons worldwide who have disabilities or are in hospital.
Azam IT, the home of Azam Voice Recording Software
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